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Invisacook is installed beneath your countertop. Using advanced invisa-induction technology, it works through your countertop to effectively heat the surface and create an adequate cooking space where there might not traditionally appear to be one. Additionally, as the Invisacook does not generate direct heat, it remains safe to use as traditional counter space when you’re not cooking.

Invisacook isn’t just faster than both traditional gas or electric-powered stovetops, but it’s also one of the safest possible cooktops to have in your home.

Because it remains mildly warm to the touch, you’ll feel more confident and assured moving around your kitchen with a reduced risk for heat-related burns. Thus, its invisibility remains a primary strength and not a cause for concern.

For more information please visit our dedicated Invisacook website:

Invisacook recommends Florimstone & Inalco 12mm porcelain tops available at European Ceramics.


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