Project Building - Builders Selections

Thank you for considering European Ceramics for your upcoming building project.

Our aim is to provide you with the best quality, largest range and most up date selection of tiles to suit your new home This guide will advise you on how to make your selection easy, enjoyable and as time efficient as possible.

Do I need to make an appointment?

We are open: 

 Monday to Friday – 9:00am – 5.00pm

 Saturday – 9:00am – 2:00pm

 Sunday – Closed

Saturdays can become very busy in our showroom, however we will ensure to accommodate all our clients.

How much time do I need to complete a selection?

Everyone is different however most selections take around one hour to one and a half (sometimes longer). This will vary depending on ideas that you may or may not already have. Please ensure you arrive in enough time to complete your selection before closing time.


What will I select in the showroom?

Tiles are not the only thing you will need to select at the time of the tile selection.

You will look at and select the following items:

  • Wet area tiles (bathroom, ensuite, WC, laundry and kitchen splashbacks)
  • Wall, floor and feature tiles.
  • Main living area floor tiles (if applicable).
  • Balcony or porch tiles (if applicable).
  • Grout colours for all tiles selected.
  • Laminates for bench tops and cupboard doors in bathrooms, kitchen and laundry (if applicable).
  • Stone bench tops (if applicable).
  • Soap holders for shower recesses.

Where are the showroom locations?

 Osborne Park – 36 King Edward Road, Osborne Park WA 6017

08 6240 0100

Do I need to bring anything with me?

The following items are important and helpful to bring along to your tile selection.

  • House Plans – This will help with feature tile placement and show the extent of the standard tiling.
  • Addenda – This will advise of your standard inclusions such as tile size and PC allowance, laminates and stone (if applicable).
  • Imagery – Any imagery you have collected from magazines or from the internet in relation to the style you wish to achieve in your new home.

What happens if I change my mind?

If you wish to change your tile selection after you have already completed a selection form, you would need to return to our showroom to complete a ‘re-selection’.

You will need to check with your building company before visiting us to reselect, to ask if you can change your tiles or laminates as some builders do not allow changes to be made after you have been to pre-start, and if they do, then a fee may be involved from the builder.

You may also need authorisation from the builder before you can complete a reselection.

We do encourage you to be certain with your selection before completing an initial colour selection to avoid any complications or inconvenience with reselections.


Building a new home is an exciting time in your life. It can also be a little overwhelming, especially if it is your first experience with the building process.

Our staff are fully trained to help you with your tile and laminate selection and can give you advice on the latest trends. We’ll help make your new home reflect your personal style and individuality!

We hope this guide has answered some of your questions and gives you an insight of what to expect when you visit our showroom.


European Ceramics has an extensive architectural showroom where we have a wide range of the newest and most innovative tiles with a strong focus on commercial products. Our extensive range enables a new outlet of creativity which can be achieved while being accessible to all levels of investment.

European Ceramics has with three Architectural Representatives working closely with architects, designers and builders presenting the latest products and styles with the support of the European Ceramics Staff + Showroom. Our committed team has years of experience in the commercial industry and are passionate about the products and projects they are involved with.



Richie Logan - 0400 257 774


Patsy Putelli - 0439 997 779


Jason La Macchia - 0411 709 607


Care & Maintenance


There are concrete and plaster residues left on the surface after laying.

Acid washing is fundamental for removing laying residues and building site dirt from floors or other surfaces. We therefore recommend washing with the appropriate dilution of DETERDEK acid detergent and rinsing thoroughly after application. Please follow the instructions on the label carefully.


There are epoxy plaster residues left on the surface after laying.

Epoxy plaster is normally used to give totally non-absorbent grouting, resistant to acid dirt. Residues of this kind of plaster cannot be removed with normal acid products for washing after laying. We recommend using undiluted FILACR10 detergent for epoxy residues, leaving it on the surface for at least 30 minutes. Then rub with an abrasive sponge or spatula. Rinse the surface thoroughly to complete. Repeat the procedure if necessary.



I would like to protect my polished porcelain stoneware from stains

Porcelain stoneware is usually non-absorbent, unless it is given a “smooth polished” finish, which may lead to a certain degree of stain absorption. In this case we recommend treating with FILAMP90, the stain protector for polished surfaces, to be used on perfectly clean, dry surfaces.


I would like to stop my textured porcelain stoneware from getting dirty

Porcelain stoneware with a textured finish tends not to absorb stains, but to accumulate surface dirt from through traffic. FILAJET is a dirt repellent treatment for interior floors, to be used on perfectly clean dry surfaces.


I would like to protect my crackle-effect tiles from stains

The crackle effect is obtained with fine line cracks in the glaze. Dirt can however be absorbed through these cracks, staining the tile. We therefore recommend treating with FILAMP90 stain protector, to be used on perfectly clean dry surfaces.


The grouting is absorbent and gets dirty

To waterproof and make grouting non-absorbent, apply FUGAPROOF stain protector, which prevents stains from being absorbed, making accumulated dirt easy to remove. FUGAPROOF can be used to protect absorbent grouting on any kind of floor or wall without it altering its appearance.



The cleaning cloth has left streaks/marks on my floor

In this case rinse well with clean water, using clean cloths that do not leave lint on the floor, rinsing often and wringing the cloth out well. If the floor is highly polished a wipe over with a woollen duster or machine polisher may be sufficient. To stop these residues making the floor dull, take great care to remove all traces of dust before washing, preferably using a vacuum cleaner or special woollen mops or dusters. Never use too much detergent in the water, unless the floor is very dirty and will be rinsed after cleaning.



There are black scuffs left by shoes or pencil marks on your floor

This kind of dirt is only superficial and is not absorbed deep down. Above all it needs abrasion to remove it. Pour FILACLEANER or FILAPS87(diluted following the instructions o the label) onto the surface and rub with a green abrasive sponge. Rinse thoroughly.


There are coloured stains on a surface (ink, coffee, felt pens…)

Remove the stains with FILASR95. Pour the product directly onto the stain, leave it to work for about 15 minutes, then remove residues with a damp sponge and rinse with water. Repeat if necessary.


Marks have appeared on my new floor (visible as pale streaks against the light)

This problem is usually caused by residues on the surface from laying or polishing. These residues form an even film on the surface, which is not visible as “dirt” but reacts to acid substances that cause streaks (e.g. drinks, lemon, etc).

This problem can be solved simply by removing these residues, washing with special DETERDEK acid detergent, diluted 1:5 in water, and a cloth on a flat brush and rinsing off residues thoroughly.


The grouting on my floor/wall covering is dirty. How can I clean it?

  Dirt tends to accumulate easily in grouting, turning it black and making it a critical factor for floor hygiene. Floor grouting must be cleaned with an alkaline product such as FILAPS87, that does not harm the plaster, using a brush to make removal of the dirt easier. Rinse thoroughly to complete. For walls we recommend using practical FUGANET spray detergent. Spray the product on the surface from a distance of about 15cm, rub with an abrasive sponge and then rinse. After cleaning we recommend protecting grouting with FUGAPROOF stain protector.



FILASR95: stain remover for coloured stains.



How to Clean Grout and Protect Them From Stains




How important is cleaning after the installation?

Cleaning “after the installation” helps remove residues of grout-joints, cement and lime. This is obligatory at the end of the installation, for glazed tiles and unglazed tiles. If the cleaning “after the installation” is not carried out properly or if is not carried out at all, is often a cause of marks that prevent the floor from being clean even if a good daily cleaning is performed. Whenever is possible, especially for medium to large surfaces, it is advisable to use a single-brush machine with soft disks (white or beige). The cleaning of cement-based grouts mixed with water it is carried out with specific detergents based with buffered and diluted acids (which are easily available in the market).

Large format tiles - product handling?

It is important to insure that that correct handling is made of your large format purchase. Please see information PDFs on this page for furhter details. 

What is rectification?

Rectification is a procedure by which the edges of the tiles are perfectly squared. The tiles can then be laid with minimum joints thereby obtaining an aesthetically refined and elegant result. Rectification is usefull especially forbathroom tiles and kitchen tiles.

Can tiles be laid without a joint?

No, a joint is always necessary, but depending on the lateral finish of the tile it is possible to have very fine joints (2mm) or larger joints (5mm). Laying the tiles and choosing the joint generally varies according to the characteristics of the collection. It is important to pay attention in harmonizing the product and to keep the tile separators tight while laying. Il the tiles are rectified (perfectly square), they can be laid with a minimum joint of 2mm so as to create a refined and elegant effect. This kind of solution is ideal for modern products in large formats. In the case of classical and rustic tiles, with non rectified edges, that remain natural after firing, it is generally advised to use a slightly larger joint between 4 or 5 mm in such a way that the esthetical characteristics of the products.

What is tone?

Tone is the tonality of colour that characterizes a particular lot of tiles. Seeing that it is almost impossible to produce pieces with identical chromatic tonality in an industrial production, the tiles are grouped together regarding the homogeneity of colour (tone) before being packed. 

What is shading?

The phrase “shading” is a denomination which means a passage of visible chromatic gradations that cannot be harmonized. It indicates the difference of tone of single tiles that are not homogeneous.

How to choose the correct product to lay in a particular environment?

The choice of a ceramic product is completely subjective and personal, apart from the fact that there are products more suitable for using inside or outside as flooring or cladding. Technical characteristics and factory/product certifications are reported. All grès porcelain products can anyway be used internally or externally but utilized differently depending on whether it is full body grès porcelain or enamelled grès porcelain.

Please see link to download our Terms & Conditions of Sale 
EC Terms and Conditions of Sale


Installation Services

Within our Euro Contracting division we offer a professional team of Stone Masons, Tilers, Project Managers and Technical Support.

The quality of the European Ceramics products is renowned. Standing out worldwide thanks to the ideal combination of workmanship and cutting-edge technology through the Euro Contracting Team.

Euro Contracting has a diverse range of expert services including:

Benchtops & Porcelain Vanity Basins 

Large Format Cladding

Supply & Install Packages

External Facades

Residential & Commercial tiling

Precision Cutting

Photo Etching

Euro Contracting

About us

Within our Euro Contracting division we offer a professional team of Stone Masons, Tilers, Project Managers and Technical Support.

The quality of the European Ceramics products is renowned. Standing out worldwide thanks to the ideal combination of workmanship and cutting-edge technology through the Euro Contracting Team.

Benchtops & Porcelain Fabrication

Our manufacturing premises is equipped with state of the art machinery which specialises in producing natural, quartz & porcelain surface solutions.

Our Stonemason team are internationally regonised as being industry leaders in manfacturing these materials.

- Benchtops

- Splashbacks

- Speciality edge profiles

- Custom porcelain & stone sink detailing

- Custom Porcelain Vanities

- Speciality surface treatments

- Precision Cutting

- Photo Etching

Supply & Install Packages

Euro Contracting provides supply & install packages for both residential & commercial projects. Inculsive but not limited too:

- Benchtops

- Spashbacks

- Main Floor Packages

- Wet Area Packages

- Large Format Tiling

- Pools

- Waterproofing systems

Residential & Commercial Tiling

Euro Contracting specialises in both residential & commercial projects. Please contact us to discuss your project further.


Concepts Furniture Services

European Concepts and it's team of qualified and experienced designers invite you to open your world to designed living and European style. 

European Concepts creates design solutions for residential interiors so that your dream home is uniquely suited to your needs. We specialise in collaborating with architects and designers to ensure we find the best products and solutions for your project.

Our showroom demonstrates our knowledge of the latest trends in international products and European design. Or if your idea is unique, our design team can take it through from concept to completion, guiding you with a great selection of styles, materials, configurations and innovative features.

With exclusive European products that specialise in all aspects of the home, European Concepts has the ability to take your project to the next level. 

European Concepts has a diverse range of expert services including:

European Cabinetry Design for new builds & renovations

Furniture & Material Selections

Custom Furniture 

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