Design Trends - 2017 Preview

Design Trends - 2017 Preview

Hit the Bricks

Truth to materials, integrity to form. A little raw around the edges but aesthetically harmonious. Aggressive and uncompromising. For Homes and entertainment venues that acquire a strong character. Impress and make a strong statement.

Must see range: Stage by IRIS

Plaster your Love

The effects range from a faded fresco in a villa to the marks left on dampened plaster and the traces of rust that may stain masonry. Technological innovation allows the reproduction of effects of ware and stratification that normally only time is able to create.

Must see Ranges: Storie by Cedit, Archeologie by Cedit

Art vs Technology

Its all about collaboration with some names of major relevance on the contemporary creative scene, giving rise to a range of ceramic collections devised by Italian artists who pursue design paths. The result is a range of timeless collections comprising of bespoke art installations each defined by an original stylistic hallmark.

Must see Ranges, Archeologie, Storie, Matrice, Euridice, Tesori and Metamorfosi by Cedit

Size Does Matter

Modern design perspectives are about to change: porcelain stoneware ceramic slabs with amazing sizes, light, versatile and strong, with extraordinary aesthetic appeal. Each Range has its own colours, each colour presents various graphics to be combined with different sizes for an infinite aesthetic result.

Must see ranges: Magnum by Florim, Cedit Collections, Slimtech by Lea


Artistically sophisticated but discreet tailored taste; elaborate but measurably elegant; in tune with the trends that define the most current furnishing moods. Textures transposed from textiles, either reworked or accurately reproduced creating a soft yet tactile versatile surface.

Must see Ranges: Camp by IRIS, Transition by Mirage, Tailorart by Sant’ Agostino, Tesori and Euridice by Cedit

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